Software-Define Network & Security

30%Operations cost savings
36%Increased application performance
34%Faster configuration changes
28%Improved security posture

Adaptive Networking

Deliver scalable, high-bandwidth connectivity for critical data and apps via a flexible, on-demand networking architecture that intelligently adjusts to real-time capacity needs, automates responses and seamlessly connects to top cloud providers.

High-performance connectivity for any networking need

Unleash your business potential with Adaptive Networking solutions that enable intelligent automation, real-time performance data and dynamic bandwidth scalability.

Software-Defined Networking

Our portfolio of SDN solutions offer your business exceptional networking capabilities and seamless, on-demand delivery.

Coordinated workloads across the full range of connectivity types on a single, automated platform with centralized visibility and control.

Adaptive Virtual Services
Virtualised network services empowers digital business by providing a software-defined experience to enable greater agility, efficiency and control

Cloud Connectivity

Keep data and apps secure in leading public and private clouds. Lumen’s high-performance, scalable solutions provide complete visibility and dynamic control.

Cloud Connect
High-performance networking to public and private clouds.

Dynamic Connections
Private connections between your locations, data centers and the cloud.

Internet & Networking

Lumen offers a comprehensive range of intelligent solutions running on the most connected, highly secure and deeply peered global adaptive network.

Business Bundles
Flexible and managed packages for voice, data, security, equipment and cloud apps.

Turnkey solutions to securely link data centers, clouds and new locations in virtually any configuration.

Fiber+ Internet
Business internet with equal upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

High-performance dedicated internet geared specifically for enterprise apps and needs.

Secure, reliable and private any-to-any/point-to-point WAN connections.

Private Line
Reliable, secure and dedicated point-to-point connectivity for voice and data.

Scalable solutions to right-size your network with speeds from 1 to 25 Gbps.

Content Delivery

Get ultra-fast, low-latency data, media and application experiences around the globe with HSSL’s Content Delivery Network and solutions.

Mesh CDN
High-performance networking to public and private clouds.

Broadcast Solutions
Private connections between your locations, data centers and the cloud.

Managed & IT Services

We offer fully managed and co-managed solutions that can be customised to your business needs.

Managed Network Services
24/7 specilist support for new site expansion, bandwidth upgrades and equipment management.

Professional Services
Experienced architects, engineers and technicians that provide network implementation, upgrades, monitoring and maintenance.

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